Wednesday, October 12, 2011

QUILT! A couple more images

 Jan Irvine-Nealie, NSW
Early visitors to the opening.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

QUILT! more images.

 Ruth de Vos, WA  Alison Muir, NSW
 Ruth de Vos WA
 Ruth de Vos, WA   Alison Muir, NSW

 Alison Muir, NSW

 Ruth de Vos, WA

 More visions of the gallery

Alison Schwabe, WA      Pamela Fitzsimons, NSW

Monday, October 10, 2011

More from the QUILT! exhibition

 Judy Hooworth, NSW x 2,   Margery Gooddall, WA   Barbara Macey, Vic
Alison Muir, NSW
 Judy Hooworth NSW

 Glenys Mann, Vic   Carolyn Sullivan, NSW

 Pamela Fitzsimons, NSW    Glenys Mann Vic

 Carolyn Sullivan, NSW     Glenys Mann Vic

Margery Gooddall, WA    Alison Schwabe, WA    Carolyn Sullivan, NSW

Sunday, October 9, 2011

QUILT! Opening at Stanthorpe

A small enthusiastic crowd attended the opening of QUILT! at the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery on Saturday 8th September 2011.
The art works looked stunning and were examined minutely by the the opening attendees.
Penelope Hallam, the Gallery Director, said a few words to introduce Glenys Mann, who then opened the exhibition with a description of how the QUILT! exhibition came together.
Since Saturday there has been a constant flow of people through the gallery to admire the works.

Wendy Lugg,WA x 2 ....  Sue Cunningham, Vic

Alison Schwabe, WA

 Margery Gooddall, WA

 Wendy Lugg, WA

 Sue Cunningham, Vic

 Dianne Firth ACT

 Dianne Firth ACT

 Dianne Firth ACT

Early visitors on opening night!

More images in next post!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011



An exhibition of art quilts to be held at


Weeroona Park, Lock Street (turn at Victoria Street), Stanthorpe Qld 4380

6th October to 13th November 2011

Opening 8th October at 4pm by GLENYS MANN

The exhibition has been curated by Barbara Macey and Glenys Mann to showcase the works of Australian quiltmakers who over the years have been selected for Quilt National (USA).

Sue Cunningham, Ruth de Vos, Dianne Firth, Pamela Fitzsimons, Margery Goodall, Judy Hooworth, Jan Irvine-Nealie, Wendy Lugg, Barbara Macey, Glenys Mann, Alison Muir, Alison Schwabe, Carolyn Sullivan.

Inquiries: Visit Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery website

for contact details and opening hours.

 For further information email